Pocket Cinema Camera 4K for a feature?

Posted by on Jul 16, 2019 in Production


For the Eat To Live we chose to buy a Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4K. We pre-ordered it directly after NAB and received it that fall. Here are the reasons why:

Pocket Cinema 4K used on set

Picture Quality

Blackmagic have proven over the years that they’re committed to quality first. Their color science is amazing for the price. And their footage holds up even in blockbuster environments. Shooting in Raw allows wide latitude for color grading, retiming and other editing techniques. Although the Pocket does not compete with stills cameras for stills, BMD makes the best, indeed the only cinema cameras in this range.

Camera Size

Although we had a permit to film on the streets of Seattle and did not need to shoot guerrilla style, we still shot on location rather than with constructed sets. The ability to move the camera inside of real rooms, houses, offices and other spaces was invaluable. The smaller size of the camera and lenses also allow us to put the camera on sticks, rails, jib or a stabilizer without breaking the bank.

SSD Recording

The Pocket’s ability to record directly to SSD means that after a shoot, we can plug directly in to the computer and immediately begin editing in Davinci Resolve. Hint: Blackmagic Design Thunderbolt Dock provides slide in quick mounting options for SSDs. We love ours.

Own vs Rent

With a wildly unpredictable schedule, talent agency communications issues, last minute call outs, and location scheduling mishaps, it was important that we be able to shoot immediately on any day we chose. Without hitting the rental house. The difference in picture quality between a Red or Alexa and the Pocket Cinema Camera just did not make up for the expense of renting.

For Eat To Live, the combination of affordability, convenience and picture quality determined the Pocket Cinema Camera 4K was simply the best tool for the job.