Casting Breakdown

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Tre Madson – Black Female 30s. Narcotics detective from the south end who finds herself embroiled in a series of drug-related murders while navigating a murky world of conflicting cultures and ethics.

Abandonato – Italian-American Male 40s. Madson’s old friend and new partner. Freshly over from the Vice Squad, Abandonato seems to have adopted a few vices of his own.

Born God Allah – Black Male 30s. Prime suspect. A five percenter and music producer with substantial ties to the latest missing person.

Walker: Male, 30s. FBI agent with an inside line on some of the missing persons in Seattle. Has a history with Madson and they share information.

Bam – Samoan Female 20s. Runs her own drug crew. Is saving her money and teaching kids about municipal bonds.

Carmelita – Black Female 20-40. Missing stripper who may have become the latest victim of the escalating drug war.

Cornbread – Black Male  18-40.  Wise cracking dominoes champion, machine gun toter, and all around fun guy.

Dap – Male 18-40. Heroin dealer busted in the first scene, then pumped for information by our detectives in a later scene.

Gun Thug – any. Is involved in a hostage situation with our detectives.

Internet Boyfriend – a gentle soul trying to help another character to find himself.

Jasmine – White Female 20s. Best friend of Carmelita, stripper and defiant witness.

Jenny – Asian Female 20-35. Clever, contumacious public defender and love interest of Madson.

Kid – Male 12. One of Bam’s aspiring street kids.

Kro – Male 30s. Missing husband of Subbiyah, Madson’s best friend. A rapper who recently signed a six-figure record deal. His bizarre disappearance draws the detectives into this mystery.

Malo – Samoan Male 20-45. Bam’s friend and owner of a nail salon.

Mrs. Mitchell, Black Female 50s. Carmelita’s mother.

Nguyen – Vietnamese Female 30s. Our Detectives’ boss who’s trying to pull them from drugs over to homicide.

Reporter – Female 20s. Reads breaking news about a killer.

Shorty – Dap’s associate, a drug dealer who escapes arrest.

Slim – Male tall – One of the three kidnappers who abducts Kro.

Spielberg – White Female 20-40. Wheelchair bound confidential informant with vision.

Strip Club Bouncer – Male, big.

Subiyyah, East African Female 30s. Madson’s best friend. Her husband and rapper Kro is missing.

Tay Tay – Female 20s. Canon carrying gangster and one of the kidnappers who abducts Kro.

Trent – White Male 20-35. Last known associate of the missing Carmelita. Gets involved in a hostage situation with the detectives.